Friday, April 17, 2009

Virtual Sketch Date April reference

Rhododendron bud
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Welcome to the April Virtual Sketch Date! This month's reference is supplied by Jeanette Jobson. This is a rhododendron bud on an ancient bush outside my window. The bud opens up into a pale lavender pink bloom and is so beautiful and never lasts long enough it seems.

Following the normal schedule, all entries are due by Saturday, April 24th and should be posted on your blog and/or on the VSD Flickr group. If you are posting your entry on Flickr please use the tag VSD_Apr2009.

What you need to know...
  • The results post will be posted on Sunday, April 25th.
  • After you have posted your entry on your blog, come here and enter your name and the URL for your VSD blog post into the Mr. Linky widget. Then press enter. (As always, please link directly to your specific VSD post and not to your blog's main page.)
  • The Mr. Linky widget will be removed from the results page on the following Sunday, May 2nd.

When you enter your information into the Mr. Linky widget, it will automatically create the link list. Please check back here in the middle of the week if you post your result during the first couple of days.

1. DS Whitney2. Liz Steel3. Alissa4. christine pierce5. Nancy Eaton6. Lori Forester7. Debbie Later8. Kiana Fecteau9. Peggy Fonseca10. Mary Jane Muir11. Victoria Culbertson12. Elias Garcia Ortiz13. Alicia Markey14. Paulette15. Sherry Thurner16. Carolyn Pappas17. Florence Morris18. sketchbookbuttons19. sketchbookbuttons
20. Joanie Springer21. Rose Welty22. Lynn23. Cathy Bockel24. vfm425. leigh26. Ann Thompson Nemcosky27. Priti Lathia28. Leslie D' Allesandro hawes29. Jeanette Jobson30. Denise31. Rachel 32. Eileenpostlethwaite33. Eileenpostlethwaite34. Olga Wagner35. Olga Wagner36. Rhonda Bartoe Tucker37. laura starrett38. Ruth Bodycott
39. Sydney Harper40. Jennifer Rose41. Sherrie Roberts42. Karen Officer43. Nithya Swaminathan44. Mary Beth Nardy45. Sarah Michaelson46. Jonathan " Blade" Manning47. Jonathan " Blade" Manning48. Mary Ann Cleary49. Claudia50. Carol Ottaway51. ffyrebird52. Teresa W53. Ramana KV


Lori Forester said...

Thanks for a wonderful challenge and a lovely photo to work from Jeanette. This is my first time posting and I hope to again.

Florence's Art said...

Whew, I enjoyed this challenge. This is my first time posting and I really enjoyed the push to get it done.

shicat said...

Love Mr. Linky,thanks for all the work administrators

bluelilac said...

This is an opportunity for so many artists. Thanks for making it possible to join in and have fun with images.
I apologize for accidentally clicking the widget thing. My name is profiled twice. Woops!

MILLY said...

Thankyou for challenge.
Sorry I messed up 32
Please can you keep me as 33 it goes to my blog page.

Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Loved the reference photo from Jeanette and the challenge it posed this month. Great work with keeping this project alive. I look forward to it each month.

Jennifer Rose said...

lots of lovely art to look at :)

Sarah M said...

Sorry I'm a couple of days late. Loved the photo this month! Thanks for the challenge.

Blade21292 said...

Jeanette, thanks for the pic. This little rhododendron bud was a lot of fun. Great colors!

TeresaW said...

I am so glad that you decided to use Mr Linky, it is so simple to use.

Thanks Jeanette for the lovely photo, you really are lucky to have such a wonderful Rhododendron bush in your garden. Spring must be so rewarding to you.

Kaushal Sapre said...

Wonderful challenge. i really wanted to paint this but couldn't as my exams are on. But waiting for the May challenge. Btw, the the entries are really amazing!