Monday, March 23, 2009

March 2009 Virtual Sketch Date Results

Thank you everyone for taking your time to participate in this month's Virtual Sketch Date.

Please enter your name and the link to your March VSD entry in the boxes provided below. There is no need to comment after leaving your link (despite what it says in the link box). All links need to be entered by Sunday, March 29th. (Update: Entries for March are no longer being accepted. See you in April!)

Also, feel free to add your entry to the Virtual Sketch Date Flickr Group. Please remember to use the tag VSD_Mar2009.

And keep checking back so you don't miss any of the great entries.

Elias Garcia 2. Rose Welty 4. Nancy Eaton 5. sketchbookbuttons
6. Liz Steel 7. Jonathan " Blade" Manning 8. Christy
9. christine pierce 10. Sylviane Le Cann 11. Nithya Swaminathan
12. laura starrett 13. Ruth Bodycott 14. Sherrie Roberts 16. Lynn
17. Belinda Lindhardt 18. Alicia Markey 19. Alissa
20. Joanie Springer 21. Lisa 22. Anna Van Skike 23. ffyrebird
24. Miel 25. Kaushal Sapre 26. Leigh 27. Rachel 28. Ruth
29. Stacy Rowan 30. vfm4 31. Kim Saxe 32. Jeanette Jobson
33. Sydney Harper 34. Debbie Later 35. Kaushal Sapre 36. Lfwats 37. Marianne Ginsberg 38. Judybec 39. mary Tibbs


laura said...

This week got away from away--I had company and lost track of the time! I'm going to try to paint the reference photo this week, even though it's past due!

Stacy said...

Laura, you're not past due. The results post went up early so that people who were done early could post their links now instead of everyone trying to post on Sunday. You still have 6 days. :)

I haven't started yet either.

laura said...

Oh! Thanks, Stacy--I'm getting confused about everything lately! Including Mr. Linky--I don't know what I was thinking (that it was a general link; not specific to the March VSD?)--I put up my link before doing my painting! (If you can delete it, to avoid misdirecting people, lease do; I'll redo it when my paintings done.)Can I blame it on spring fever?

Quilt Knit said...

I am so glad that I inquired about the Dates in the notice. I almost forgot about linking with Mr. Linky.
Thank-you so much for the email. I just love the Photo Stacy.
I am working my fingers to the bone.

Hi! Laura and Stacy and Everyone:, I am just on pins and needles for the out come.

Sherrie Roberts

Lisa said...

Hi all... this is my first time participating in the Virtual Sketch Date! Now that I've posted mine, I can go look at everyone else's! I love to see how different everyone's works are.

bdycttdncr said...

You may wonder why I have added a second entry. I just set up a blogspot so wanted VSD to have a link to it. I'm getting braver and braver this blogging, linking, & websiting. Still I remain timid. Ruth

vfm4 said...

first time i actually added the sketch here, and not just in the flickr group...
thank you, Stacy, for lending us your photo! :-)