Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Sketch Date - Results

Just a few brief announcements before we get to the links...

Thanks to Sherrie Roberts for letting us use her photo this month.

Thanks to Stacy Rowan for agreeing to help administer these sketch dates. She will be in charge for September. I, Rose, really appreciate both Jeanette and Stacy agreeing to help me do this. These are lots of fun and with having to do the admin only once a quarter it's even more fun.

There are some amazing entries this time - lots of variety! Well done everyone.

Onto our brave 27 participants this month (in order of their sign up):
(There are a few that I couldn't find a blog post for, I'll check again tomorrow and make the links.)

Kay Susan
Artist in Residence
Jennifer Rose
Kathy C


Melissa Evangeline Keyes said...

Hi, I'll jump in for September.

Question: If I'd found this place Saturday morning, and submitted a painting Saturday afternoon... When exactly is the deadline? The end or beginning of Saturday?

I buy from Jerry's Artarama and they always designate the end of a sale with time of day. I know I'm being nit-picky, but I have one of those curious minds.

shicat said...

OOps I get it. I needed to respond to August sketch date too,in order to be included. Thanks

Michael said...

I am sorry folks, but I didn't manage to get mine done. As I mentioned on my blog this morning, the real world intruded and I simply did not have time. I am still planning on doing the painting though. It is such a wonderful reference and I have some interesting ideas. I will let you all know when I get it done.

Kylie said...

I am very sorry, but not only did I not get mine done, I never even got it started. :( "Real life" intruded this week and I never even looked at my art supplies, let alone pick them up. I still hope to do this one, it is such a great image and I had an idea I want to try out. Is it true it's better late than never?

Leslie said...

Thank you so much, Rose.
There are a bunch of links here, and it represents a big effort to get them all on one page!
Hugs and kisses.

Gail said...

A big thank you to Rose for all your work and Sherrie for providing the photo (as well as anyone else I've missed).
I really enjoyed participating in this sketch date and can't wait for September's.
Thank-you Laura for inspiring me to participate.

Rose Welty said...

Melissa, the admin for this runs in a rotation between three people, in different countries and timezones. Just post when you feel Saturday is. We usually check in a few times and add as posts arrive.

Shicat, you have been added. Sorry to make participants say "I'm in" each month, but it provides flexibility and means that the admin person doesn't have to maintain a huge list of people.

Michael and Kylie, it happens to all of us. No worries.

Leslie and Gail, you are welcome!

I hope that everyone who wanted to be included was - I had forgotten about it being a holiday weekend and I didn't realize that I'd have houseguests, so I haven't been as thorough as usual. Let me know if I missed someone. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Rick said...

Looks like fun - I might have to try next time.

laura said...

Thanks, Rose--it's a lot of work to get all those links up! And organizing the VSD (like herding cats?). August was my 2nd month participating, and each month 1) I stretched what I thought I could do and 2) learned and enjoyed so much seeing what the other participating artists did. I look forward to September's challenge.
(PS I may have a fall-like photo to submit for consideration--need to find a scanner!)