Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 2009 Results!

UPDATED - A few people have emailed to say that their links were messed up. Please forgive me. I should have checked every link after cutting and pasting, they are all fixed now.

Thanks to Debbie Later for the reference image this month.

Thanks to everyone for all their understanding while we figure out how best to run the VSD. We appreciate all of the helpful suggestions. We'll evaluate how things went this month and then fine tune for next month. Thanks again for your patience.

Here is the VSD Flickr Page of photos with the "VSD_FEB2009" tag.

We had 38 participants as of Saturday night, US Central Time. If we get a few more, they will be added Sunday afternoon.

In the order the emails arrived:
  1. Liz Steel
  2. Sketchbookbuttons
  3. Elias Garcia
  4. Lindart
  5. Irene Hopkins
  6. Carol Edan
  7. Ramana KV
  8. Fito
  9. Christine Pierce
  10. Rajalekshmy Usha
  11. Alissa
  12. Carol Feldman
  13. Kaushal Sapre
  14. Jeanette Jobson
  15. Peggy Montano
  16. Linda Frances
  17. Blade
  18. Rose Welty
  19. Eileen Postlethwaite-Milly
  20. Nancy Eaton
  21. Kiana Fecteau
  22. Ann Thompson Nemcosky
  23. Sherry Thurner
  24. Shalini
  25. Leslie D’Allesandro Hawes
  26. Capt Elaine Magliacane
  27. Andy (Back To The Drawing Board)
  28. Sylviane Le Cann
  29. Laura Starrett
  30. Debbie Later
  31. Karel Tuinart
  32. Ruth Bodycott
  33. Olga Wagner
  34. Lynn
  35. MaryAnn Cleary
  36. Sydney Harper
  37. Kim Saxe
  38. Gail Bartel
  39. Stacy Rowan
  40. Sherrie Roberts

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