Sunday, January 18, 2009

January VSD links

I think this month has seen the largest number of participants in the Virtual Sketch Challenge. Thank you to everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules to join in. Now comes the fun part - viewing all the wonderful art that people have created from this month's image!

Please click on a link to go to that person's blog and image. If you haven't already done so, you may add your image to the Virtual Sketch Date group at Flickr and view many of this month's pieces there. You'll need a Flickr account to post your image and you can sign up for free.
  1. Jeanette Jobson
  2. Nancy Eaton
  3. Elias Garcia
  4. Christine Pierce
  5. Rose Welty
  6. Jenna White
  7. Alissa
  8. Jeanette Jobson (2nd image)
  9. Karen Blados
  10. Brenda Yarborough
  11. Marie-Dom
  12. Rhonda Bartoe-Tucker
  13. Ann Thompson Nemcosky
  14. Donna
  15. Belinda Lindhardt
  16. Mary Jane Muir
  17. Lisa Bachman
  18. Sherry Thurner
  19. R Proffitt
  20. Liz Steele
  21. Jeanette Jobson (3rd image)
  22. Mary Ann Cleary
  23. Irene Hopkins
  24. Steve Chipman
  25. OlgaWagner
  26. Valerie Jones
  27. Anita Murphy
  28. Leslie D’Allesandro Hawes
  29. TeresaW
  30. Lin Frye
  31. Andy Veasey
  32. Peggy Montano
  33. Debbie Later
  34. Michelle Burnett
  35. Carolyn Pappas
  36. Karel Tuinart
  37. Aimee
  38. Nic
  39. N. Gonzalez
  40. Cathy Bockel
  41. Dianna Wooley
  42. Laura Starrett
  43. Eileen Postlethwaite
  44. Nithya Swaminathan
  45. Bob Easton
  46. Stacy Rowan
  47. Lesley Spanos
  48. Carol Feldman
  49. Jennifer Rose Phillip
  50. Gail Bartel
  51. Kim Saxe
  52. Sylviane Le Cann
  53. Sydney Harper
  54. Kim Saxe (2nd image)
  55. Laura Ferlita
  56. Ramana Reddy
  57. Ana Tirolese
  58. Jonathan Blade Manning
  59. Jeanne Grant
  60. Sally Tharp
  61. Patrice O'Farrell Hinz
  62. Fito


Gail said...

Hey guys at VSD, just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and I can't get #41 to work.

Stacy said...

Gail, thanks for the heads up. It should be fixed now.

Fito said...

Hola soy nuevo por aca, a quien puedo solicitar el uso de la foto Tangerine como referencia, gracias por la ayuda Fito

Quilt Knit said...

All of these are so wonderful! Sorry, I did not get to post. I am watching for February. Don not want to miss. So, many!