Friday, December 5, 2008

December 2008 Virtual Sketch Date - Reference

Farm - Lehigh Valley PA

I hope you are ready to "sketch" again, because it's time for December's virtual sketch date. The reference for this month is shown above. A larger version is posted here.

The new process worked well last month, so we will be using it again.

What You Need to Know
  • Post your image to your blog on or before Saturday, December 13th.

  • Email your name and the link to your blog post to with "VSD post link" in the subject.

  • Come back and visit this blog on Sunday, December 14th for the post of links.



Kim Saxe said...

Oh lovely! This is going to be great. Thanks for posting another great photo reference!
~ Kim

The Happy Painter said...

I can't figure out what kind of tree that is on the left of the buildings. It seems to have its leaves but doesn't look like an evergreen. Some kind of oak maybe? They usually have more brownish leaves ....

Stacy said...

Happy Painter, I belive that tree on the left is a type of evergreen. If I remember when I am out tomorrow I will drive by and have a look. Of course, you are free to make it whatever type of tree you like, or even leave it out entirely. :D

Thanks Kim! I'm glad you like the reference.