Thursday, November 6, 2008

Plans for November VSD

Just wanted to give everyone the dates for the VSD this month and explain a new process.

New Process
VSD has grown beyond all expectations, we now have over 100 subscribers to the blog! We usually have just under half that number participate in any given month. This is fabulous news! However, it does complicate the process a bit. Everyone likes the post of links, but to have to visit 50 blogs and gather links is too big of a job. So we are going to try something new this month.

We will still have a post of links on the Sunday after the VSD. However, we are going to try and make it easier to make that post.

Essentially we now have an email address. Once you post your image on your blog, you will need to send an email to the address with "VSD post link" in the subject. The body of your email should contain your name as you wish it to be displayed and the link to your post. Remember, as the administrator will be going through roughly 50 emails, they will just be cutting and pasting to make a post of links. (Do not include your image in the email or as an attachment, you need to post the image on your blog. Your email should only have your name and the link to your VSD blog post - don't just give the link to your blog homepage.)

What You Need To Know
  • Reference will be posted Friday November 14th.
  • You do NOT need to "opt in" via the comments as before. You can leave a comment if you'd like but the list of participants will come from the emails received.
  • Post your image to your blog on Saturday November 22nd.
  • Email your name and the link to your blog post to with "VSD post link" in the subject.
  • Come back and visit this blog on Sunday November 23rd for the post of links.
So there you have it gang. We'll see how it works this month. We want a nice happy medium between it being easy to see everyone who posted for a particular month and it not being a mountain of work for administrators.


Quilt Knit said...

Hi! To all the hard working administrators of Virtual Sketch Date! I know how hard it is to keep up with all of us. As, I make an effort to go to each blog and leave a note of how Brilliant each sketch has turned out. How can I ever say enough about those that assist in making this such a delightful Monthly endeavor. I am on pins and needles waiting for my next Virtual assignment. The new organization is going to be a great new method for VSD.
Sherrie Roberts

Sharon said...

Have you considered Katherine Tyrrell's suggestion of setting up a FLICKR group? Seems like a very easy way for people to see all the images in one spot.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Sherrie. The photo is a good one this month!

Sharon, we did consider Flickr, ning, and google groups. The problem with Flickr is that you can't really organize the photos, they would all be mixed together (all the different months). So we're going to try this first. Thanks for your patience.

Quilt Knit said...

I am working now! This is great!
Only, I am still not at Home working for my company. Ugh! We really need to organize even more.

Sherrie Roberts