Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 2008 Virtual Sketch Date - Results

It is the moment we have all been waiting for...the results from the Septemeber sketch date!

Thank you Sharon for allowing us to use your beautiful peony image.

We had a record number of artists sign up to participate this month - 39! Thanks to everyone who participated! To view each submission, click on the links below. The links will take you to each artists' blog posting with their image.

Enjoy! And feel free to leave comments with the individual artists or here.

Sherrie Roberts
Kay Susan
Cathy (shicat)
Leslie Hawes
Valerie Jones
Maryann Cleary
Tom Barrett
Nic Bridges
Jennifer Rose
Rose Welty
Barbara Weeks
Dianne Mize
Kari Gibson
Jeanette Jobson
Melissa Muirhead
Jo Castillo
Jeanne Grant
Rhonda Bartoe Tucker
Marion Brown
Sheona Hamilton Grant
Joanie Springer
Kellie Hill
Jan Pope
Cathy Gatland
Stacy Rowan
Laine Lea


Rose Welty said...

Stacy, thanks for your work on this! I really enjoyed seeing all the differences this month...very inspiring!

BMoon said...

Yes, thanx for the work on this, Stacy. It has taken me well over 2.5 hrs to link to everyone, and in many cases I was unable to post (my connection.....perhaps, or persnickety links...?). Any chance that we could start a flickr account and all post to the same flickr each month. Would be much easier and faster to scroll one after the other.....I'll help if you need me to chip in!

Gail said...

Thanks stacy for all your work. I could not get the link to Diane to work though.

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, Stacy, lots of work. Thank you.

Marion said...

Ditto everyone else to Stacey for her work. ANd thank you for everyone's kind comments about my piece. Bmoon - the drawing is approximately 3" by 3". I like to wowrk on the small scale.

Jan Pope said...

Many thanks to Stacy for doing the legwork. This was my first sketchdate, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the kind comments from everyone on my drawing.

Paulette said...

Thank you Stacy for all your hard work!

shicat said...

Hi is there going to be an Oct. sketch date? thanks

Rose Welty said...

Yes, the October Sketch Date is coming up...reference posted this Friday!

patrice said...

I'm looking forward to Octobers image. My daughter Annie and I want to play along.
Patrice in Alameda

Sherry said...

My first try at virtual sketch date!