Friday, October 17, 2008

October 2008 Virtual Sketch Date Reference Image
UPDATE! All entries for the October Virtual Sketch Date should be posted and available for viewing. Remember, there will be no list of links. Just have a peek in the Comments section and go to the individual's link or blog to view their work.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating and especially to Belinda for a fabulous image to draw and paint.

Welcome to the October Virtual Sketch Date!

The reference for the sketch date is above. Please click on the image to see the larger version. This lovely image was provided by Belinda Lindhardt. You can visit Belinda's blog here. Below are the guidelines for participating in the Virtual Sketch Date. The purpose is to have fun with some online artist friends.

How It Works
  1. You have until Saturday, October 26th to complete your drawing post it on your blog.
  2. When you complete your piece, post a comment on this post. This will be your link to your image for others to see. If you have multiple blogs, it is helpful if you can leave a link to or the title of the blog that will have your Virtual Sketch Date image.
Art Guidelines
  1. Any medium is fine -- graphite, charcoal, digital painting, colored pencils, watercolor, pen & ink, etc. have all been used.
  2. You are free to crop the image however you want -- include what you want, exclude what you don't.